Remko Harms is a Dutch singer was born on the 5th of November 1981, in the city Schiedam this is near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He grew up in a loving Christian family with an older brother and two sisters. The two girls were adopted from Brazil, making Remko’s childhood-home and memories more special.

Remko sang his first solo in church at the tender age of 6 and landed the role of Kurt in “The Sound of Music” a mere two years later.

Remko still cherishes the 5-guilder-coin his grandmother had promised him should he get the part. That, and the music, the lights, the standing ovations…….. forever set his course.

Years active – 1998-present

As expected, Remko quickly and successfully graduated the Tilburg Conservatory.

He got tutored by the best and ony the best, attented workshops conducted by the greats, auditioned for and played parts in “into the Woods”, “Sweeney Todd”, “les Miserables”. Remko made Jonathan shine in “The Sleeping Beauty”, and reaped applause portraying the grim and eerie ratcatcher/narrator in “Rembrandt the Musical”.

Some highlights

Los Angeles The Voices

Remko was the power-tenor in the men’s group called LA the Voices. LA the Voices became very succesful, earning many hits, 3 golden records and one platinum.

Barbra Streisand

Then, out of the blue, Remko received an email from Barbra Streisand’s US management, inviting Remko to sing with Mrs. Streisand(!) live on stage during her concerts in the

Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.

Hour of Power

Remko sang in 2016 “The Hour of Power” US TV channel, the song “When He calls My Name”, specially created for him, live on Bobby Schuller’s show to an audience of 40 million people. In 2019 Remko was again invited for the tour of Bobby Schuller in The Netherlands.

Stedman Graham

Stedman Graham, educator, speaker and author also known for his steady, more than thirty years relationship with Oprah Winfrey. Stedman had just finished his book and was inspiring people all over the world with his “Identity Leadership” program. So Remko’s team came up with another custom-made song, and Remko duly impressed Stedman singing “Identity”.

Identity Tour

During the COVID-19 Remko was thinking about his career. What makes him really happy; to sing beautiful songs close to his heart among other gospel songs. The song “Identity” is the identity of Remko, his special gift and that is his voice. He touches and connect people with his music and wanted to share his songs with the world.

My name is Remko Harms I have been an active and passionate singer for over 20 years. In 2016 I changed course and decided to go solo and chase my dreams.

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